4 Traditional SEO Methods That Are Not Seen to Be Effective Anymore

Search Engine Optimization is a very effective process to make a website appear higher in search results. The process basically makes the website more readable for search engine crawlers and modifies the website in such a way that the search engines are able to identify the content of the website and hence place it appropriately in search results. Many firms provide SEO services globally.
SEO has evolved over the years, but even now there are some practices, which are carried on and should be stopped because they might not be effective anymore. Listed below are some of them:

  1. Focusing Only On Google: Many SEO practices are designed around the Google architecture and other search engines are ignored. This is not a good practice and should be stopped. Now, there are new search engines like Bing, which are eating up market share. SEO services should keep in mind these developments and design their optimizations and modifications accordingly. It’s time to move on and SEO firms should realize this.

  1. Having Bad Content and Relying Only on SEO Services: Old habits die-hard. It is a general perception that SEO is the only thing required to get high rankings in search results. But that is not the case; content is the most important thing to have. Websites should have good content and then opt for optimization. One might want to outsource content writing for building better quality articles. The content should be structured well using simple and good English. It should be straightforward in simple words and comprehendible by everyone.

  1. Automation: Automated software and robots are not that reliable to run SEO campaigns anymore. Even now, people look for automated tools to boost up rankings. Using these shortcuts to promote one’s website is a fool’s game.

  1. Using Anchor Text Link Building: This methodology is not effective anymore. Earlier, people used to define a fixed percentage of links to be anchored using specific keywords. Now, this is not worthwhile. Search engines prefer relevance rather than anchors based on keywords. Search engines will give more value to a website if it is valuable.

SEO is an evolving methodology and the same practices may not be effective all the time. As technology evolves, SEO methods also need to evolve. The ultimate aim is to make a website likable by any search engine and sustain it. As there are competitors everywhere and everyone does the same thing, one needs to deploy unique features. It should not be forgotten that good content is the heart of any website. Even if one is able to rank a website high using many techniques, it may not sustain if the website has bad, meaningless and irrelevant content.

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